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Children's Dentistry

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Our dental practice is passionate about children’s dentistry and dental care. Please book an appointment for your child with our team today at 316-684-4921. Visiting the dentist is crucial for your child’s oral health and smile. However, some children are nervous about seeing the dentist. That is why the caring professionals at Blyholder Family Dentistry work hard to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in their office to ease apprehension in patients of all ages. Specializing in children’s dentistry in Wichita, KS, Blyholder Family Dentistry works closely with every patient to thoroughly understand their dental needs. The team loves working with children of all ages and takes the time to reduce their anxiety. In addition, we ensure that they receive the best care possible in our fully-equipped dental office.

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Blyholder Family Dentistry proudly serves families throughout Wichita, KS, and the surrounding areas. Our office provides comprehensive dental services for children from infancy to adolescence and beyond. Our mission is to ensure that every patient receives the dental care they deserve, including preventative, cosmetic, and restorative services. When you work with our team, you can be confident your child will be in good hands. Not only do we use many time-tested strategies to keep children relaxed. We also know how to teach children and their parent’s good oral hygiene practices to ensure that the younger family members have beautiful, healthy teeth well into adulthood. Blyholder Family Dentistry’s team is highly qualified to provide the best care to every patient. The staff has over 75 combined years of dental experience. Dr. Jaclyn Schuyler-Blyholder, D.M.D., has years of experience caring for patients and are a member of:
  • Witchita District Dental Society
  • American Dental Association
  • Cerec Owners Study Club
  • Kansas Dental Association

Good Oral Health Habits for Children

At our dental practice, we do not only provide in-office services. We also like to teach parents and their children how to care for their teeth and gums. The earlier a child learns about oral health and good oral hygiene habits, the healthier their teeth will likely be in adulthood. Children are prone to cavities due to their eating habits or difficulties brushing their teeth correctly. Sometimes, the way a child’s teeth erupt from their gums is enough to cause dental cavities due to no fault of the child or parent. Our dental office offers routine checkups that include thorough dental exams. As a result, our dentists know how to recognize the early signs of dental troubles and implement an effective treatment to prevent future dental complications, like tooth decay. We understand that everyone tries their best to keep their teeth and gums free of cavities. However, our team is standing by to provide the extra care necessary to preserve the health of children’s teeth and gums, such as dental examinations and cleanings. We also offer plenty of oral health tips to make hygiene habits more manageable and effective.

Children’s Dentist in Wichita, KS

Besides routine dental exams and teeth cleanings, we offer the following children’s dentistry services:
  • Cavity Protection: Most childhood cavities result from consuming sugary foods and beverages and inconsistent brushing and flossing. We offer complete dental cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and more to protect teeth from decay.
  • Tooth Eruption: Primary and adult teeth do not always erupt correctly from the gum lines. Our dentists can identify early signs of eruption problems and recommend suitable treatment.
  • Thumb Sucking: Your child may suck their thumb for comfort, but it can create several dental issues as teeth emerge, such as speech issues and crooked teeth. Our dental practice can help your child break the habit and preserve the health of their teeth.
  • Early Childhood Tooth Decay: Primary tooth decay can be painful and cause future dental issues for adult teeth. The dentists at our office can minimize the effects of dental decay and restore affected teeth.
  • Infant Care: Babies should see a dentist when their first tooth erupts between six to nine months or when they’re one year old. We can help you establish good oral health habits for your child during infancy.
  • Adolescent Oral Health: As your growing child reaches their teen years and receives their adult teeth, Blyholder Family Dentistry will continue providing age-appropriate dental services, like periodontal disease screenings.
For comprehensive dental care that you can count on for your child, look no further than Blyholder Family Dentistry. As a leading children’s dentist in Wichita, KS, we can protect the smiles of your infant, young child, or teenager. Call 316-684-4921 to schedule your appointment today.