What You Need to Know about Full and Partial Dentures in Wichita, KS

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Dentures provide an affordable, effective way for people to rebuild their smiles. Unfortunately, people often associate dentures with old age, but the truth is that people of any age might need full or partial dentures.

Most dentists offer two types of traditional dentures. Full dentures replace the entire upper or lower row of teeth, while partial dentures replace only some teeth. When partial dentures replace nonadjacent teeth, a metal framework often connects the dentures.

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Are Dentures Right for Me?

Patients who consider dentures are often candidates for other restorative dental procedures such as bridges and implants.

Dentures Versus Implants

Dental implants and implant-supported dentures carry a high cost and require dental surgery. However, many patients prefer dentures because they are affordable and noninvasive.

Dentures Versus Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are solutions for patients who have lost between one and four adjacent teeth. These devices require neighboring teeth that are strong enough to support the bridge. If your natural teeth are loose or weakened from gum disease, jaw damage, infection, or any other cause, traditional dentures will be a better choice for you.

What to Expect When You’re Getting Dentures in Wichita, KS

Before you get full or partial dentures in Wichita, KS, your dentist will take a look at your medical history and x-rays of your teeth. During the consultation, you will discuss why you are interested in getting dentures, your expectations, and whether dentures are the right kind of dental prosthetic for you.

Many candidates for dentures also need one or more tooth extractions. For this reason, recovery time is usually an essential part of the process. Your gums and jaw will change shape as the swelling goes down. Your dentist will give you temporary dentures to use while you heal so that you can start getting used to them right away.

Your dentist will create a more permanent custom denture once your jaw has settled into its new shape. Then, in a follow-up appointment, your dentist will replace the temporary dentures with the permanent ones.

Throughout the process, you might find that your gums are sore in places where the denture does not fit as well as it could. If that happens, your dentist can smooth out, cutaway, or grind down parts of the denture so that they do not cause you as much discomfort.

You might experience bone loss due to tooth extractions. In some cases, your dentist might order bone grafts to counteract bone loss and provide more support for the dentures, particularly for the upper teeth.

Recovering from the Denture Procedure

In the weeks and months after you get your dentures, eating and talking may differ from what you used. They might feel strange in your mouth and might even make you gag. Also, their texture might be unfamiliar at first when you are eating. You will gradually get used to your dentures but talk to your dentist if something bothers you.

How to Care for Your Dentures

  • Clean your dentures daily
  • Avoid harsh cleaners
  • If you don’t wear your dentures overnight, soak them in denture solution to prevent drying
  • Use mouthwash
  • Rinse your dentures thoroughly after cleaning

Cost of Dentures

Partial dentures cost between a few hundred dollars on the low end to over $2,000, depending on the materials and the type of tooth they are replacing.

Full dentures can cost as low as a few hundred dollars for a single arch and about a thousand dollars for a set of upper and lower dentures. Consider the cost of cleaning supplies and adhesive, the cost of having impressions made, and the cost of the dentures themselves.

Why Choose Blyholder Family Dentistry for Your Dentures?

The decision to get dentures is a personal one. Blyholder Family Dentistry is a team of compassionate and professional dentists, dental hygienists, and staff. We can guide you through the process of tooth extraction and creating full or partial dentures in Wichita, KS.

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