Nightguards and Custom-Made Mouthguards in Wichita, KS

To protect your teeth from night-time jaw clenching or direct impact, call Blyholder Family Dentistry for custom mouthguards.

Teeth and jaws undergo plenty of wear and tear throughout the day while enjoying your favorite activities or in the dead of night. As a result, teeth can crack, flatten, or become distorted from jaw clenching and grinding. In addition, athletes who play contact sports may break or lose their teeth in the middle of the action.

For people with teeth grinding disorders, sleeping can cause just as much damage as high-risk sports, though. Unfortunately, however, both can be detrimental to your dental health. Fortunately, there’s a solution to prevent significant oral damage: mouthguards.

For high-quality custom-made mouthguards in Wichita, KS, give our dental experts at Blyholder Family Dentistry a call today at 316-684-4921. Our dental clinic offers advanced dental technology, including Power-Up performance mouthpieces and custom bruxism guards, that can protect your teeth more reliably than the “boil and bite” mouthguards found in stores.   

Power-Up Performance Mouthpiece

Nightguards or Mouthguards are essential protective equipment for athletes in several sports, including football, rugby, and hockey. These sports involve frequent, high-velocity collisions that damage teeth without a proper mouthpiece.

That said, mouthguards have countless benefits for your teeth, even if you play sports that don’t involve high-impact collisions.

At Blyholder Family Dentistry, we will make a custom Power-Up performance mouthpiece designed especially for athletes. We build our mouthguards from thin, durable plastic and mold them to fit perfectly against your teeth.

Since our team makes custom mouthguards based on your needs, we can guarantee a more comfortable fit and better protection compared to mouthguards purchased at a sporting goods store.

Other benefits of custom mouthguards from our team at Blyholder Family Dentistry include:

  • Gums & jawbone protection: Your mouthguard will protect you from more than tooth damage, especially when you choose a custom-built guard made from high-quality materials, like the ones at Blyholder Family Dentistry. When worn correctly, our mouthguards will help protect your gums and jaw from sustaining fractures or other injuries.
  • Easy breathing: Many people find that one-size-fits-all mouthguards obstruct breathing due to their dense, awkward fit. As a result, simultaneously running and breathing becomes a challenge. At Blyholder Family Dentistry, our customer-made, contoured mouthguards make it easy to breathe even while engaging in vigorous physical activity.

Impact Bruxism Guards

Mouthguards are helpful for situations outside of sports, too. For example, people who clench their jaws throughout the day or grind their teeth at night can benefit from a custom-made dental guard from Blyholder Family Dentistry.

While we typically don’t think much about the risks of teeth grinding, the simple act of repeatedly clenching your teeth together can be catastrophic for general health. For example, disorders like bruxism, which causes people to clench their jaws subconsciously, can lead to jaw and tooth pain, headaches, an inability to sleep, and many more significant afflictions, such as:

  • TMJ disorder: When you wear down your teeth, it can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder. This condition causes difficulty chewing, earaches, limited jaw movement, and chronic tooth pain.
  • Gum disease and tooth decay: Consistently grinding your teeth will wear down tooth enamel, the outer layer of your teeth that prevents decay. If tooth decay becomes bad enough, it could lead to gum diseases or tooth loss.
  • Fractures: People who allow their bruxism to go untreated for long enough expose themselves to potential tooth damage. If you clench your jaw with enough force for extended periods, you may notice weaker teeth and jaws or chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth.

Getting a custom-built mouthguard from Blyholder Family Dentistry will prevent the effects of bruxism and subconscious tooth grinding from becoming a chronic, detrimental issue. Our mouthpieces are comfortable enough to wear at night without obstructing your breathing, too, making it easy to minimize jaw clenching and dental damage.  

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Finding high-quality mouthguards in Wichita, KS doesn’t have to be a hassle when you choose our team at Blyholder Family Dentistry.

Following a consultation at our dental clinic, you’ll be one step closer to optimal dental health.

Whether you’re an athlete who regularly plays a contact sport or simply suffers from tooth grinding or bruxism, our custom-made mouthguards will provide comfortable support and durable protection for your teeth, gums, and jaw.

To schedule an appointment with our Blyholder Family Dentistry team in Wichita, KS, contact us today at 316-684-4921.