Porcelain Crowns

Same-Day Dental Crowns in Wichita, KS

Many years ago, a dentist would have to send your impressions to the lab to create the crown. Also, the dentist could apply a temporary crown, one that might not be as strong as the permanent crown, while the patient waited a few weeks for the new crown to arrive. However, the patient would have to come in again for a second appointment to get the permanent crown put in.

Advancements in computer technology and crown construction techniques now allow dentists to create dental crowns while you wait. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software allows the dentist to develop the three-dimensional structure of the dental prosthetic and precisely mold it to the missing tooth.

Also, the tooth surface can change over time if the tooth shifts or the enamel chips or wears away. The same-day procedure ensures that the tooth will precisely match the surface of the crown for a tighter bond and a better fit.

Do you have a cracked or damaged tooth due to injury? Does one or more of your teeth have worn-down tooth enamel? Dental crowns can protect your teeth from further damage, enhance your teeth’ appearance, and restore their biting strength.

Don’t wait to fix the problem. Ignoring a damaged tooth or toughing out the discomfort risks infection and potential tooth loss.

The staff members at Blyholder Family Dentistry in Wichita, Kansas, have decades of experience between them in restorative dentistry. Trust them to take the time to create a custom and long-lasting crown.

Dental Crowns in Wichita, KS

Dental crowns are dental prosthetics that replace parts of damaged teeth. Also, they are often used to provide a stable biting surface for teeth with root canal therapy.

When you receive a dental crown, the dentist will take an impression of the damaged tooth to use as a template for constructing the crown. Next, the dentist will grind down the tooth to prepare it for binding with the crown. Then the dentist will use dental cement to apply the crown to the tooth.

The site of the dental crown is likely to be sore for a few days after the procedure. Using a soft-bristle toothbrush and a sensitive-teeth toothpaste can reduce pain during the recovery period.

Porcelain Crowns in Wichita, KS

Porcelain crowns are a popular choice for dental crowns in Wichita, KS.

Porcelain has the benefit of matching the durability and the color of natural teeth. Porcelain crowns can last over a decade if they are maintained with proper dental care. One drawback of porcelain crowns is that their hardness makes it difficult to reshape the crown once the dentist or lab has made it.

Porcelain crowns can cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars, depending on the type of tooth and the complexity of the installation.

Metal Crowns in Wichita, KS

Despite the popularity of porcelain crowns, crowns from other materials remain an option. Metal alloys and compounds such as titanium are popular materials for crowns.; metal crowns are long-lasting and can have a lifespan of two decades or more. Most metal crowns tend to cost about the same as porcelain crowns.

Most metal crowns do not have the natural white appearance of tooth enamel, but some patients prefer the look of metal, especially gold alloys. For this reason, many people use metal for crowns on their molars, where people are less likely to notice the color. In addition, some patients like the shine of gold and don’t mind that it doesn’t match their natural tooth color.

Zirconia, like porcelain, is naturally white, but it costs a bit more than porcelain.

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